this one is not especially but special for my english speaking friends:

some of the followers of this site as well as followers on facebook where asking me to provide the content also in english language. well, i`m very sorry, but i can not translate everything because of time and capacity issues. i am not that good in writing english so just a small text takes me a very long time which is frustrating. so if anyone is able to translate the games and texts into english, please feel free to come back to me. it would be a pleasure to send you the texts and to publish in english language, too.

but, since these days we are facing the beginning of a new era, there are some fantastic things happening. one of these things is the rise of the power of networks. since i was in a more then desperate situation in the last weeks, now i feel blessed with having friends, partners and all around the world, so as Emmanuel Ssekitto Kalule who is founder & executive director of Faces Up a youth-led NGO based in Kampala, Uganda which offers mentorship to young people to help them become more creative, confident, contented, critical thinkers and conscientious as well as transforming their creativity into fashionable products. Emmanuel is doing a great job there and if you have some money left, plese send a donation to them.

Emmanuel has published an article in the last few days which was very touching to me. i think he tackles a lot of thoughts a lot of people share at the moment. but what he is doing, he is giving us a light in our hands – the light of art, of culture and of being an artist just by creating, by doing, by making. i think this is the essence of what Joseph Beuys ment when he said „everyone is an artist“: everyone is able to create and everyone is having resposability for all of us – the community!

people like Emmanuel are sharing even in the worst times and this is why i want to say a thank you from the bottom of my heart, dear Emmanuel! and now see, what he shared: a little methodology which is causing so much fun with great results at the end. please enjoy „drawing with your eyes closed“.

hope you will have fun! but never forget „stay safe, wash your hands, and make more art!“